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History of the District

Recorded history of this area dates back to 1629 with the wrecked Dutch ship Batavia and two men being marooned at the mouth of the Murchison River.

Copper was first discovered in WA at Wannernooka in 1842, with lead then being discovered in 1848.

A convict hiring station was established at Port Gregory from 1853-1856. The first railway commenced in 1874 and was completed in 1879 running from Geraldton to Northampton, later being extended to Ajana in 1913.

With the railway came the expansion of the district’s mining and agriculture, more lead and copper mines were opened up, cereal crops (mainly wheat) were increasing and sheep numbers also increased.

Local Government commenced in 1871, the district then named “Mines Road District”. Its boundaries being described from the north by running a line running eastward from the mouth of the Murchison River, west by the Indian Ocean, south by a line running eastward from the mouth of the Buller river, with no eastern boundary.

The first local government administration centre/office was built in 1898 in Northampton, new offices were built in 1957 and were extensively extended and modified in 1984 and again in 2001. The Kalbarri administration centre, being the “Allen Centre”, was opened in 1992.


History of the Great Northern Football League

In March of 1961, the time was right to embrace the future of Football in the Midwest with representatives from the Northampton-Upper Chapman Football Association (NUCFA) and the Geraldton National Football Association (GNFA) meeting to iron out the final terms for amalgamation.

This was the birth of what we know as the GNFL.

The first season of the new GNNFL featured seven teams, which as it turns out has generally been the case. From Geraldton there were Railways, Rovers, Brigades, Towns and Irwin while a Northampton side was formed from Northampton Towns and Northampton Rovers with Chapman Valley beginning with a fusing of teams from Nabawa and Yuna.


History of the Northampton Football Club

Established in 1961 with the combining of two Northampton sides, Northampton Towns and Northampton Rovers, the new Northampton side set about forging a reputation in the newly formed GNFL.

After the Rams first couple of decades in the GNFL, during which they won five senior premierships, including a record equalling three in succession during the 1970s, they found success much harder to come by. They finally broke through for a sixth flag, however, in 2004.

The Reserves side has won nearly one third of the available premierships since 1961, totalling 14 including two as undefeated in 1973 and 1975.

Another remarkable achievement was the multiple flags between 1973 and 1975 (3), and 1980 and 1984 (5).

2014 was the next in the long list of premiership achievements.

The Colts have also been relatively successful, winning 4 flags, most recently in 2007 and 2008.

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